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3 days in the hospital. Neutropenic fever.

Hi all!

My 3rd chemo treatment didn’t go very well. The more I get it the worse my body responds to the poison that happens to also kill my cancer cells (hopefully). I felt pain in my chest and nausea while getting it and then I pushed the magic red button. It’s amazing how fast 3 nurses came up and started fussing around me. I was scared and started crying. Joey was holding my hand and kindly started talking to me and calming me down. Thank God for him!

1.5 weeks after the chemo I woke up with a fever of 100.6F and a sore throat. Emergency! Joey drove me to the ER, they were already waiting for me. That’s how I got admitted to the hospital with what’s called a Neutropenic Fever.

Neutropenic fever is defined as the presence of an oral temperature of 100.4ºF or higher for at least one hour when the absolute neutrophil count is less than 500/mm3. Mine was 5/mm3!

From Wikipedia: Neutropenia is a granulocyte disorder characterized by an abnormally low number of neutrophils, the most important type of white blood cell. Neutrophils usually make up 50-70% of circulating white blood cells and serve as the primary defense against infections by destroying bacteria in the blood. Hence, patients with neutropenia are more susceptible to bacterial infections and, without prompt medical attention, the condition may become life-threatening.

In simple words, my white blood count got so low it caused my immune system to fall very low which means I wouldn’t be able to fight off even the tiniest infection (and we have huge million gross diseases and infections surrounding us everywhere every day). That sucks! But it’s pretty common amongst us, cancer/chemo people. It’s a somewhat common side effect of chemo.

But today is day 3 in the hospital and I’m back to my normal sick state. And doctors decided to discharge me with a couple of antibiotics. I can live with that.

On Friday I have a CT scan scheduled. And I’m pretty nervous about it. I can’t wait to know how I’m doing! And there will be my 4th chemo next Monday on the 20th… Already… Time flies!

But I’m gonna concentrate on positive things which is I get to spend Valentine’s Day with my awesome husband :) We will have a date that will last all day. We have 1 whole week left to have sex like rabbits. And I’m gonna sleep at home, on my awesome bed today! :) Life’s good!

Happy Valentine’s, everyone!

Love, Lucy

♥ So Grateful For My Other Half ♥

Today was a good day. Joey and I woke up and he drove me to our local YMCA for my LiveStrong program. I had a whole 30 minutes cardio workout (20 mins on a treadmill and 10 mins cycling). Then breathing and relaxation exercise, while he was waiting for me in the lobby and watching Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer movie on his laptop. On our way back home we decided to grab healthy juice from juice bar and I yelled at him for driving like crazy, and he apologized. We watched scary movies in bed all day till 6pm. At 6pm he left for a rehearsal with his band, they have a performance on Friday. And I started missing him since I closed the door behind him… I can’t wait till 10pm.

Then I decided to check my email and I got a few emails from people like you, people from twitter and facebook, people who I have never met personally but yet we somehow care about each other. They were writing to see how I was doing, to encourage me in my big fat fight against cancer, they were asking me to please continue fighting and do not give up, how awesome and inspiring I am for holding myself so beautifully and kicking cancer’s ass. Thank you all so very much! Really! Thank you! You guys rock! And you guys inspire me, yes you do!

There are a lot of things I could name that help me hold my shit together and live and fight back. God, family, friends, people at church, doctors, nurses, good food (or not so good), movies, music, horses and dogs and kitties. Life, our beautiful world, all the places I haven’t been to, all the things I haven’t done but want to. And I really am effing grateful to God for all the people and blessings in my life. But honestly, I don’t know and can’t even imagine what or how I would do without him, my other half, my best friend, my partner, my caregiver, my husband, my Joey. He is not perfect but to me he is the best, the sexiest man with major balls in the world. I love you, baby!

Take care of each other, love each other, kiss and hug, have sex and laugh together. Because we all are lonely and incomplete without our other halves. So right now, stop reading this and go and tell your significant others, your better halves that you love them, hug them and kiss them. Thank you! See ya later!

Love, Lucy

First Chemo Treatment Is Down

Hi everybody!

My diagnosis is still Metastatic Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary. After my last breast biopsy breast primary was not confirmed. Pathology thinks there are 3 places that might be a primary for my cancer: breast, ovary and gastrointestinal tract.

I got in touch with local cancer association. Those people do great things for cancer patients! They offered to pay for my gas, some of my medicines and supplies like wigs, caps, etc. I’m gonna order some cool cosplay wigs from ebay this week :) Also they gave me a lot of information on free wellness programs for cancer patients, support groups and etc. If you need any of this information, get in touch with me and I will send you all the info.

On Sunday, December 18th I shaved my head in order to avoid the dramatic effect of losing my beautiful hair. And to be honest I like my bald look. Not only I but all the people around me, and looks like even you like it :) Check out the pictures!

Yesterday, December 19th I got my first treatment of chemo injected intravenously: Carboplatin and Taxotere. I didn’t experience any side effects yet which is good. Nurses told me that I’m gonna start experiencing bad side effects in a week. Time will show. But I have all necessary pills to make me comfortable so I’m not worried about it. There is a 21 day interval in between my chemo treatments, there will be 3 treatments in general. Then doctors will run tests and scans to see my progress. All this time my husband has been and will be shooting me on film. He is working on pulling a documentary together about my path since I’ve been diagnosed.

I’m doing pretty well for someone who has stage IV cancer. There are really a lot of things to be thankful for in my life, and I am grateful. I want to thank all the people on twitter and tumblr who sent me sweet and warm words of support. You guys rock!

For people who have been asking if I ever will come back to shooting porn again - sorry to disappoint you but no, I’m not gonna. It was fun while it lasted. Now my perspectives and priorities have changed and I’m gonna be doing other things in a completely different direction. Yes, you are still welcome to unfollow me, no hard feelings.

This is all for now. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Lucy Levon

Taking a Break From Porn For Health Related Reasons

Dear guys and girls,

I officially am taking a break from porn to take care of my health. After a bunch of tests and scans doctors found out that I have 3 ovarian cysts. Not sure yet if they are cancerous or not. I’m not freaking out yet. I’m curious about all the biopsy stuff and all (I love all this stuff - gross and freaky medical procedures and anatomy and forensics!!!) :) But I’m an optimist!!! (but it doesn’t mean I’m a foolish one) Sooooo, send me all your good thoughts and prayers! ^_^

Love, Lucy Levon

About What’s Going On With Me Lately…

I’m taking a little break from the shooting. My break is health related. My common health has not been good lately, so I’m taking care of it. I’m not gonna get into details as it is not very sexy. But wish me luck with a CT scan this week! As soon as I’m 100% healthy I will get back to work.

Also I met a new friend. Her name is Amai Liu and she is a porn girl as well. I’m sure you’ve heard about her because she is somewhat out there. She is awesome! I learned so much from her!

Also lately I’ve been expressing my interest in BDSM, fetish, dungeon and pro Domme-Sub relationship. This is something I’ve always wanted to learn and experience. So tomorrow I’m going to pay a visit to a local dungeon here in Manhattan. Yay! So excited!

Oh and BTW, my health problem is nothing STD related, FYI LOL

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